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The Developing World is in desperate need of millions of affordable, basic homes. This need can only increase as the world population continues to grow and proportionately more people live in urban areas. In common with education and health care, much of the subsistence housing in which many of the world's poor live is below acceptable standards.

The Developed World is also beset with crises in the supply of affordable housing. Major cities which, with industrialization and the spread of international trade, grew rapidly in the latter half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, face the challenge of urban renewal. Housing built as a result of widespread destruction caused during World War II was frequently constructed to standards which leave much to be desired. Many massive urban tenement projects are incapable of effective renovation.

The Thin Wall in Concrete (TWiC) housing system offers the opportunity to create basic, affordable homes which can be finished and expanded as required. Any time is a good time to do something better. The new millennium, however, presents an ideal opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of new housing for the millions who need it. With TWiC, the LOMBARD GROUP will help the World meet these pressing needs, as well as for a full range of other building requirements.

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