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LOMBARD DEVELOPMENT INC. (LDI) is a private consulting and development company incorporated in Alberta, Canada in 1987 for the prime purpose of real estate development, building construction and technology transfer. LDI has a demonstrated capacity to undertake responsibility for projects from concept development and feasibility studies to completion and marketing: a TURNKEY DESIGN/BUILD CAPABILITY in land, construction and trade development.

LDI has a substantial design/build performance record and capability in single - and multi-family. single- and multi-storey residential, commercial and industrial buildings using a full range of conventional construction methods and materials.

In the area of international development and technology transfer, LDI can provide for a full range of ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SERVICES and has a brokerage capacity to facilitate and assist the World with appropriate housing and Canadian construction techniques, notably in regard to:


In connection with LOMBARD GROUP, LDI is currently involved in discussing a range of AFFORDABLE HOUSING projects in Eastern Europe; North, Central and South America, South Africa, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean.

In Russia, LDI has been involved in the transfer of MANUFACTURING CAPABILITY for BUILDING MATERIALS and the development of facilities for FUNERAL SERVICES.

LDI works with clients in a variety of ways and employs, as required, on a contract basis, teams of architects, engineers and other professionals, for the delivery of individual projects. LDI has a particular interest and competence in planning and design for Thin Wall in Concrete (TWIC) projects.

B. Lance Lalsin, president of LDI, has 25 years experience in the design, development and construction of large industrial and residential structures, including offices and maintenance facilities for mines, power and chemical plants, high-rise office towers, apartment buildings and private houses. He has been directly involved in the projects listed in the LDI Projects.

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